You are only as good as your crochet community

Being a part of a crochet community either online or face-to-face enables people to grow from each other. The sharing of ideas leads to new concepts and pushes each individual to; as corny as it sounds; be the best crocheter they can be. A community allows you to seek inspiration when you need a challenge and help when you struggle. Most importantly though it is a safe place for you to share your yarn addiction with plenty of enablers telling you yes you need that new caron cake even though you have 10 other projects on the go!!!!

So how do you find a community? What exists out there?

Communities can be split into offline and online. Let’s start with online!


raverlyRavelry is a crafters heaven. Most crafters know Ravelry for its countless patterns that you can easily lose half a day searching through. However, this post is about communities and the community on ravelry exists in the forums. Raverly is easy to navigate and hosts thousands of niche groups to cater to different interests. You can search groups by location, tags and categories and if you can’t find one you like you can start your own!

Facebook is a growing platform for crochet groups which can be found by simply searchifacebookng terms relevant to what you are looking for. If you want a local group you can search insert country/state’ crochet and if you want a group for a specific project enter ‘name of the pattern/cal’ crochet and you are sure to find one. Facebook groups are a great resource for Crochet-a-longs (CALS) to get colour and border inspiration as well as help when needed. I am part of Australia Crochet and Moogly CAL groups.

Onedownload of my favourite communities is my Instagram family! Instagram allows me to follow people whose work I am interested in and likewise they can follow me. I post my work over at @helloseattle.crochet. This community is less about help and more about providing inspiration and a place to share your creations. Some of my favourite Instagram patrons include; 1dogwoof, quirky1crochet and crochetgirlgang (don’t forget to hashtag these guys for a chance at a feature)


reddit/r/crochet thread on reddit will provide you with hours of entertainment just be careful not to be distracted by the front page featuring cute dogs, funny gifs and interesting news articles. This thread is always full of support and good crochet conversations.

These communities can be harder to find! The easiest way to discover these groups is online. Here are my tips;
∼ Join a facebook group relevant to your area and post asking if any groups exist that meet in your area
∼ Contact local yarn shops and ask if they know of any meetups
∼ Head over to and you can search crochet in your area and see upcoming events
∼ Attend craft fairs such as yarn festivals
∼ In Melbourne we have shires and you can contact your local community house.
∼ Ask a library near you if they have groups that meet up
∼ Visit your local craft café and check the noticeboard if they have one or ask staff

Communities make crafting much more enjoyable and allow you to talk endlessly with people who never tire of your crochet addicted ways. Here at wordpress I am excited to build my crochet community even more!

Happy crafting,
Suzie xx


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