How to change colours in crochet

Hello fellow hookers,

In a new pattern i am about to publish it requires several colour changes. I have made this tutorial to show you how easy it can be. So get some yarn on your hook and i will walk you through it!

Step one:
The process of changing colours is started on the last stitch before the new colour. Stop before the last yarn over to complete the stitch leaving two loops on the hook

Step Two:
Take the new colour and loop it around your hook holding both tails tightp6281597.jpgp6281601.jpg

Step three: 
Draw the new colour through both of the loops on your hook

Step four: 
Grab the tail of the old colour and the short tail of your new colour. Put both tails to the left of your work where you are about to crochet the next stitch. When completing the next stitch crochet around the tails. Do this for the next 4 – 5 stitches to secure in the ends and then you can either cut off or weave in the ends for added security.


And you are done! How easy was that! Watch this space for a very cute pattern coming soon where you can put your newly learnt skill into practice.

Happy hooking!
Suzie x




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