Adding a skirt to amigurumi

Adding a skirt to your amigurumi creations is a simple way to personalise your toys and add flare. This tutorial outlines how i do it and can be adapted to almost all patterns.

First work out where you want the skirt to be added on the amigurumi piece. Once you get to this row crochet your SC’s into the back loops only (BLO). This creates a row of loops around you amigurumi that you can work your skirt into.

Once you have finished crocheting your piece turn it so the head is towards you. Now draw your yarn through a front loop in your skirt row and tie a knot.


Now put your crochet hook through the loop and chain three.

The rest is easy! 2 x double crochet into the same loop/stitch as your chain 3. In each remaining stitch/front loop 3 x double crochet until you reach the initial chain three.
[each loop will have three DC’s in it]


To finish off slip stitch into the third chain of the initial chain three, fasten off and sew in the ends.

And now you have a skirt! When crocheting my bunnies i change to the colour i want to use as my dress and do the row of blo single crochets in that colour then continue on for the torso.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful

Happy hooking,


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